Who are we

SANTA Johannesburg is a small but dynamic  Not-for-Profit  Organisation , that has been around since 1950. We describe ourselves in terms of our values. “we are passionate, honest and committed  to eradicating TB whilst also respecting and empowering people”.

Our core service area is to help people in vulnerable situations get appropriate help and support, to help them rebuild the trust and confidence needed to re-engage with life.

SANTA Johannesburg aims to ensure that equality and diversity are at the heart of all we do, both in the services we provide and as an employer. Our goal is to recruit the best people possible to face our day to day challenges and contribute to their maximum potential, whilst also expected to treat people as individuals with dignity and respect.

Our Vision

SANTA’s vision is to engage and empower communities, individuals and young people to enhance their contribution to sustainable development. Through empowering, collaborating and learning together we aim to build a sustainable future for those  individuals and communities we serve. Our focus is to reach as many people as we can and deliver to them the life every human being deserves.

Our Mission

SANTA Johannesburg’s mission is first and foremost to find and support TB and TB/ HIV/AIDS clients who are on treatment, (as well as those at high risk of infection), and improve their quality of life. Our organisation’s focus is also on bringing about positive change within communities. It aims at involving people, young and old, the disabled and particularly those who suffer from TB and HIV/AIDS in development activities. We encourage a community to undertake its own initiatives, and teach them the various steps necessary to enrich the life of the community both materially and spiritually through workshop training and long term projects.

Our Values

·   Ubuntu
·   Dignity
·   Integrity
·   Respect
·   Confidentiality
·   Teamwork

Finally, we believe that poverty does not just mean having no money. It means having no opportunities. SANTA Johannesburg provide such opportunities for our clients helping to raise self-esteem, increase confidence, and build experience and skills. We also work very closely with other organisations and volunteers.