Vegetable Growing


“ Being defeated is often a Temporary condition… Giving up is what makes it Permanent”

We are currently assisting 12PHC clinics with establishing vegetable gardens the produce of these vegetables will be used to feed the unemployed, vulnerable and TB and HIV/AIDS clients on the day that they visit these clinics.

This program goes beyond just feeding the people in the clinics, we have also extended this service to the communities surrounding our clinics.

Our aim with this project is to reach a larger population, our goal to use our program to help with community growth and increase opportunities for people and make it easier for them to thrive in the community they choose to call home.

This project delivers lifelong skills, encourages people to make healthier food choices. It works to empower communities to take ownership of their continued health and well-being. It also aims to encourage local people to take part in physically growing their own food.

Providing these communities with opportunities meant more than just providing them with a small income. They have made friends, regained their confidence and see some purpose for a life that at some stage seemed meaningless.