Knitting & Crocheting


The Knitting and Crocheting Project aims to teach and develop skills to make different types of items and stitches. We created a friendly and safe environment and encourage our beneficiaries to help and support each other to complete the project.

The mission of SANTA Johannesburg’s Knitting and Crocheting project is to create an atmosphere and opportunity where a void is filled, a need is met, a heart is touched and a life is changed, a tool that will not only help them earn an income but also give them a way to take an active role in the rebuilding of their community.

A written reflection of each beneficiaries experience will be required at the end of each workshop that discusses what they have learned, what they enjoyed, and what they didn’t enjoy from this project. It too will be a way for us to know if the beneficiaries are getting something out of the program and to see any suggestions they might have for the future.

“Food is the most basic of all human needs,” without food in your stomach you cannot concentrate on anything. All our workshops include a food kitchen that provide a hearty and healthy meal and drinks for the day, to get our beneficiaries going.

The Project’s Long Term Impact

The key outcome that this project focuses on is transformation of the community and sustainable change in the lives of the beneficiaries of the Knitting and Crocheting project and their families. We believe that, by giving them training, the women and men we support will be able to not only sustain themselves, but also start their own businesses. These beneficiaries will finally have an opportunity to raise themselves and their families out of poverty. With the whole community working together towards a collectively bright future.

We Need Your Help

A nomination and selection criteria is used to identify our beneficiaries, we especially, but not only, concentrate on women and men from disadvantaged and large families suffering from TB and TB/HIV/AIDS. A durable and quality new knitting machine only costs R2 000.00 , we would also appreciate any donations of good quality second hand knitting machines. By handing them this knitting machine once they have finished their course these women and men are able to run small enterprises from the comfort of their home. This income generated from knitting work from neighbours, friends and family is able to support a household of 6-8 people.

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on your generosity to keep us going. Thank you to each and every one of you that supports us. We could not do this with out you!