Food Aid

We operate an equal opportunities policy and we will not turn anyone in real need away. However, our aim is to meet the immediate needs of our TB and TB/HIV/AIDS clients and those referred to us, to establish the root cause of their crisis, and determine how we can best help them to resolve these issues.

Poverty is a main risk factor for TB, and TB is a major driver of poverty. People living in poverty are more likely to be malnourished, lack access to medical care, and live in overcrowded homes with little ventilation — all of which place them at higher risk of acquiring TB.

Food parcel Project:

The purpose of our monthly food parcels is essential to our needy TB or TB/HIV/AIDS clients, it helps them to at least have a meal before they take their medication. Insufficient nutrition makes it painful and difficult for people to take their medicines, and this is the main cause of what makes so many forgo treatment. We also include in our food parcels e-pap, which helps with nutrition and building up their immune systems. When clients are not able to provide for themselves, the results are different kinds of psychological and physical illnesses. They become fearful, depressed, or aggressive. Unable to change the situation. In addition, besides their financial disability, they are burdened with their illness. Even though this program cannot solve the problem of poverty, it can solve the feeling of needlessness for some people and give them some hope for the future.

The help given is also connected to personal consultations with these clients, providing them with spiritual, emotional and material help to improve their living conditions, and meeting everyday needs.

Food Kitchens:

“Food is the most basic of all human needs,” – We do have food kitchens at every workshop locations that include a hearty meal to each and everyone joining us for the day.

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on your generosity to keep us going. Can you make a donation today and perhaps make it a recurring donation? The women, men and children that receive these benefits are grateful for all of the support you have given them. Your contribution is an investment in our work to combat hunger and create opportunity.