The sewing Project…mending lives and communities


Community is important no matter where you live. Training and skills development are an important component of working with the community. When people have skills, they are more likely to create work, which provides an income , and enables households to deal with poverty.

The mission of SANTA Johannesburg’s sewing project is to give people a tool that will not only help them mend their own lives, but also give them a way to take an active role in the rebuilding of their community.

Work like this takes a long time, and during this time SANTA Johannesburg takes the opportunity to build good relationships  with their beneficiaries,  by not just addressing the symptoms of their problems, but also getting to the root causes. It’s about making fundamental changes to their conditions and achieving meaningful, long-term improvements to the quality of their lives. SANTA Johannesburg is achieving  this mission by moving people from poverty to possibility.

We train +/- 80 beneficiaries  in  our workshop over a period of 12 months. All our members come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, and started with basic or no sewing skills, or business experience. We watch the beneficiaries begin as trainees and blossom into professionals. Our aim is for our beneficiaries to become business entrepreneurs, running their own show, making their own decisions and enjoying their successes.

The Project’s Long Term Impact
The key outcome that this project focuses on is transformation of the community, and sustainable change in the lives of the beneficiaries of the sewing project  and their families. We believe that, by giving them training, the women and men we support will be able to not only sustain themselves, but also start their own businesses. These beneficiaries will finally have an opportunity to raise themselves and their families out of poverty.  With the whole community working together towards a collectively bright future.

We Need Your Help
A nomination and selection criteria is used to identify our beneficiaries, we especially, but not only concentrate on  women and men from disadvantaged and large families suffering from TB and TB/HIV/AIDS. A durable and quality new sewing machine only costs R950.00, we would also appreciate any donations of good quality second hand sewing machines.  By handing them this sewing machine once they have finished their course, these women and men  are able to run small enterprises from the comfort of their home. This income generated from sewing work from neighbours, friends and family is able to support a household of 6-8 people.

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on your generosity to keep us going. Thank you to each and every one of you that supports us. We could not do this with out you!